Rosa A. Lott was born in Citronelle, Alabama where she spent most of her life. After graduating from high school, she continued her formal education at Alabama State Teachers College. Not only was she a great educator, she was a renowned humanitarian as well. Because of her love for and commitment to young people, she saw the need for a high school for black students in the Citronelle area. With the support of the community, she used her own money to travel on the Gulf Transport Bus month after month to the Mobile County School Board pleading for a high school for black students in Citronelle. It was largely through her untiring efforts that the Citronelle Consolidated School was built in 1949. She served as principal until her death in 1952. The school was renamed Rosa A. Lott in 1958 in honor and memory of her.


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Sign the petition to save the Rosa A. Lott School

The original Rosa A. Lott school building is important for its African American Ethnic history and its local and statewide significance as a descendant of a historical two-room Rosenwald Foundation School.  Rosenwald Schools refer to a group of educational institutions established in the South for African Americans in the first half of the twentieth century. 

The Rosa A. Lott High School was the first African American high school in North Mobile County, Alabama and is registered on Alabama’s Register of Landmarks and Heritage historical sites.  The building is a representation of a rare type of Craftsman Style architecture born of the Arts and Crafts Architectural Movement and is documented to be one of the few schools in its original wood constructed form.  After integration the school became an elementary school from 1970-2000, and presently serves as a middle school serving to educate black, white, hispanic, asian and Choctaw children.  The original wooden structure lies abandoned and is in serious disrepair.

A campaign has begun to restore this historic school building for use as an educational museum and for daily public educational purposes by providing programs that include, but are not limited to, the following: art; drama; music; dance; story telling; health; first aid; physical fitness; nutrition; gardening; basic life and technical skills.


The Rosa A. Lott Historical Preservation Society welcomes donation of funds for the continued growth and restoration of the original Rosa A. Lott school building and grounds.  We welcome items of Historical Interest related to the school.  The Rosa A. Lott Historical Preservation Society is a nonprofit organization and gifts are tax deductible.  We also welcome the donation of your time. Become a member and get involved in preserving the rich historical, architectural, and cultural past of Citronelle.